New Mimic Ransomware Abuses Everything APIs for its Encryption Process

Trend Micro researchers discovered a new ransomware that abuses the APIs of a legitimate tool called Everything, a Windows filename search engine developed by Voidtools that offers quick searching and real-time updates for minimal resource usage. This ransomware (which Trend Micro researchers named Mimic based on a string we found in its binaries), was first observed in the wild in June 2022 and targets Russian and English-speaking users. It is equipped with multiple capabilities such as deleting shadow copies, terminating multiple applications and services, and abusing Everything32.dll functions to query target files that are to be encrypted.

In their blog entry, Trend Micro researchers are taking a closer look at the Mimic ransomware, its components and functions, and its connection to the Conti builder that was leaked in early 2022.

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Source: Trend Micro