New “Prestige” ransomware impacts organizations in Ukraine and Poland

The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) has identified evidence of a novel ransomware campaign targeting organizations in the transportation and related logistics industries in Ukraine and Poland utilizing a previously unidentified ransomware payload. MSTIC researchers observed this new ransomware, which labels itself in its ransom note as “Prestige ranusomeware”, being deployed on October 11 in attacks occurring within an hour of each other across all victims.

This campaign had several notable features that differentiate it from other Microsoft-tracked ransomware campaigns:

  • The enterprise-wide deployment of ransomware is not common in Ukraine, and this activity was not connected to any of the 94 currently active ransomware activity groups that Microsoft tracks
  • The Prestige ransomware had not been observed by Microsoft prior to this deployment
  • The activity shares victimology with recent Russian state-aligned activity, specifically on affected geographies and countries, and overlaps with previous victims of the FoxBlade malware (also known as HermeticWiper)

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Source: Microsoft