New survey report released: The state of industrial cybersecurity (Part 1)

The cybersecurity has been the word not only in IT world, but also in ICS/OT world. The Stuxnet targeting SCADA systems were uncovered as first ICS malware to damage nuclear plants in 2010. The Wannacry became worldwide famous ransom worm which spread on hundreds of thousands of vulnerable computers and encrypt their data in 2017. Last year, we have seen some incident caused by SNAKE/EKANS which is a kind of ransomware targeting ICS platform.

It’s not a short period of time from we have been developing cybersecurity for ICS/OT security. But it seems to be far behind from IT security.

Trend Micro’s latest survey in US, Germany and Japan revealed the state of industrial cybersecurity in factories and found insights to take step forward.

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Source: Trend Micro