Newsmaker Interview: Bruce Schneier on Physical Cyber Threats

Bruce Schneier discusses the clash between critical infrastructure and cyber threats.

Attacks on physical devices and infrastructure offer a new target for cyber crime, a new opportunity for espionage and even a few front in cyber war.

Rather than exploit computers and their applications, the Internet of Things allows malicious actors to go after a whole new category of devices, from children’s toys to nuclear power equipment.

This is the context for the latest book by cryptographer and cyber security expert Bruce Schneier. In “Click Here to Kill Everybody,” Schneier paints a bleak picture of a world unprepared for the risks attached to the “Internet+” (a term coined to describe the application of the internet to conventional industries) and the clash between physical and cyber threats.

Threatpost caught up with Schneier, and asked him about his vision to limit the damage.

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Source: ThreatPost