Oil and Gas Cybersecurity: Industry Overview Part 1

The oil and gas industry is no stranger to major cybersecurity attacks, attempting to disrupt operations and services. Most of the best understood attacks against the oil industry are initial attempts to break into the corporate networks of oil companies.

Geopolitical tensions can cause major changes not only in physical space, but also in cyberspace. In March 2022, Trend Micro researchers observed several alleged cyberattacks perpetrated by different groups. It has now become important more than ever to identify potential threats that may disrupt oil and gas companies, especially in these times when tensions are high.

Trend Micro survey also found that oil and gas companies have experienced disruptions with their supply due to cyberattacks. On average, the disruption lasted six days. The the financial damage amounts to approximately $3.3 million. Due to long disruption, the oil and gas industry has a much larger damage, too.

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Source: Trend Micro

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