On the IoT road: perks, benefits and security of moving smartly

Kaspersky has repeatedly investigated security issues related to IoT technologies (for instance, here, or here). Earlier this year our experts have even gained foothold in the security of biomechanical prosthetic devices. The same implies to smart car security: our own research has indicated that there are number of issues—look here or here.

This year, we decided to continue our tradition of small-scale experiments with security of connected devices but focused on the automotive-related topic. The topic has retained its importance through the years, and as our own research into the subject has revealed, there are security issues in the market, since the vehicles are becoming smarter and more connected—and more exposed. But apart from that, there is a whole industry of aftermarket devices for the improvement of driving experience, from car scanners to various tuning gadgets. This angle was not examined separately, so we randomly took several different automotive connected devices and reviewed their security setup. Whilst it could hardly be called an investigation, this exercise allowed us to get a first look at security issues these suffer from.

We looked at the following devices: a couple of auto scanners, a dashboard camera, a GPS tracker, a smart alarm system, and a pressure and temperature monitoring system.

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Source: Kaspersky Lab