Operation Sharpshooter Uses Fileless Malware to Attack Global Infrastructure

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research team detected a malware campaign dubbed Operation Sharpshooter which attacked nuclear, defense, energy, and financial targets from all over the world.

As detailed by McAfee’s research team, the campaign dubbed “Operation Sharpshooter” makes use of an in-memory essential to download and execute a second stage payload named Rising Sun.

Moreover, the Rising Sun implant is a fully functional modular backdoor designed to perform surveillance on its compromised victims’ network.

This second implant also shows multiple similarities with the Trojan Duuzer backdoor employed in attacks designed to compromise targets from the same critical industries during 2015 by the Lazarus Group cyber-espionage threat, known to have been active since at least 2009.

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Source:  Softpedia