Operational Technology Widens Supply Chain Attack Surfaces

Today’s supply chain has evolved, with operational technology (OT) used in factories increasingly becoming connected and converging with IT systems — introducing new attack vectors. This new reality is vital for companies to understand in the context of risk, according to Dawn Cappelli, vice president of global security and CISO at Rockwell Automation and Edna Conway, chief security officer at the global value chain at Cisco Systems, speaking at the RSA Conference 2019 this week.

“The third-party risk landscape is much bigger than it used to be,” said Conway. “The threats are continuing to rise – and with IT and OT convergence, the way those threats manifest themselves is becoming very interesting. We all have to work together and put together a risk-based approach, and have to figure out as a community how we can help small to mid-sized businesses secure themselves.”

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Source: ThreatPost