Pilfered Keys: Free App Infected by Malware Steals Keychain Data

Today, malware spreads easily, infecting computers of various users. Commonly found on filesharing websites, they disguise themselves as normal applications. Users are then enticed to download them to save money on those programs. However, users risk their security in doing so. Free apps that are infected by a trojan will also affect users who download these apps.

In this blog, Trend Micro researchers share information on a type of malware that is a modified version of a free app. One reason for the easy modification of the malware was its readily available source code. In this entry, Trend Micro also discuss its purpose for installation—to steal Keychain information.

A look into Keychain
First introduced in macOS 8.6, Keychain is the password management system in macOS. It is still in current versions of the operating system. Keychain can contain different amounts of data that should be private and protected, including passwords, private keys, certificates, and secure notes.

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Source: Trend Micro