Pirates of Brazil: Integrating the Strengths of Russian and Chinese Hacking Communities

Each country’s hackers are unique, with their own codes of conduct, forums, motives and payment methods. Recorded Future’s Portuguese-speaking analysts, with a long-standing background in the Brazilian underground, have analyzed underground markets and forums tailored to the Brazilian Portuguese audience over the past decade and discovered a number of particularities in content hosted on forums, as well as differences in forum organization and conduct.

The primary target of Brazilian hackers is Brazilians. Hackers in Brazil range from the entry-level hackers and security researchers who disclose vulnerabilities in private conferences to black hat hackers who sell illicit products and services. Brazilian hackers are always in search for the next opportunity for easy money. When companies react to their activity by increasing security controls, they move to another business. The abilities of high-level hackers are illustrated through Brazilian law enforcement efforts like Operation Ostentation and the ATM malware by Prilex gang.

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Source: Recorded Future