Precious Gemstones: The New Generation of Kerberos Attacks

Unit 42 researchers show new detection methods that help improve detection of a new line of Kerberos attacks, which allow attackers to modify Kerberos tickets to maintain privileged access. The most well-known example of this is the Golden Ticket attack, which allows threat actors to forge a ticket to masquerade as a high-privileged user.

These two newer attacks extend the Golden Ticket attack in that the forged tickets are not created from scratch, but instead based on modifying an existing ticket to include high-privileged access. We’ll discuss the difference between these three types of attacks, to explain why the newer ones are harder to detect.

The broad usage of Active Directory has made Kerberos attacks the bread and butter of many threat actors. Researchers have discovered the following new attack techniques that allow an adversary to gain unconstrained access to all services and resources within an Active Directory (AD) domain:

  • Diamond Ticket
  • Sapphire Ticket

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Source: Palo Alto Unit 42