Private 5G Network Security Expectations Part 3

Trend Micro conducted a survey on private wireless network security in collaboration with 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, in four countries (Germany, the U.K, Spain, and the U.S.) across the manufacturing, electricity, oil and gas, and healthcare industries. Trend Micro have introduced this survey’s findings on the expectations for private 5G security and the current awareness of private 5G security implementation.

This time, Trend Micro will consider the security direction required for future implementation of private 5G, with changes in the technology surrounding private 5G as the key.
Responding to technology trends surrounding 5G

With the introduction of the 5G SA (Stand Alone) method for operating a 5G base station independently by an independent 5G core network, 5G will finally be able to simultaneously support three different requirements: enhanced mobile broadband or “eMBB” (high speed and large capacity), ultra-reliable and low-latency communication or “URLLC” (ultra-high reliability and low latency), and massive machine type communication or “mMTC” (ultra-mass terminal).

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Source: Trend Micro