Pro-Ocean: Rocke Group’s New Cryptojacking Malware

In 2019, Unit 42 researchers documented cloud-targeted malware used by the Rocke Group to conduct cryptojacking attacks to mine for Monero. Since then, cybersecurity companies have had the malware on their radar, which hampered Rocke Group’s cryptojacking operation. In response, the threat actors updated the malware.

Here, we uncover a revised version of the same cloud-targeted cryptojacking malware, which now includes new and improved rootkit and worm capabilities. We also detail the hiding techniques used by the malware to dodge cybersecurity companies’ detection methods, while explaining its four-module structure. We’ve named the malware Pro-Ocean after the name the attacker chose for the installation script.

Pro-Ocean uses known vulnerabilities to target cloud applications . In our analysis, we found Pro-Ocean targeting Apache ActiveMQ (CVE-2016-3088), Oracle WebLogic (CVE-2017-10271) and Redis (unsecure instances). In the case that the malware runs in Tencent Cloud or Alibaba Cloud,

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Source: Palo Alto