Probing Pawn Storm Cyberespionage Campaign Through Scanning, Credential Phishing and More

Pawn Storm, an ongoing cyberespionage campaign with activities that can be traced as far back as 2004, has gained notoriety after aiming cyber-attacks at defense contractor personnel, embassies, and military forces of the United States and its allies, as well as international media and citizens across different civilian industries and sectors, among other targets.

For years, Trend Micro has been closely monitoring Pawn Storm and its various attack vectors and methodologies, which have been generally facilitated for geopolitical disruption and espionage. This newer operation has employed a number of attack methods, including the use of spear-phishing emails against high-profile targets, a staple in Pawn Storm’s arsenal. Here are some of the many threats the group has wielded against its targets:

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Source: Trend Micro