Ransomware Business Models: Future Pivots and Trends

As modern ransomware attacks became one of the most dangerous cybersecurity incidents that can happen to organizations in recent years, we explored its current state and the possible directions that ransomware groups can take it. Noting that there are other cybercriminal business models where more illicit money can be made, and the changing geopolitical and economic conditions affecting this illegal enterprise, we looked at the possible triggers that can lead to gradual alterations in how Trend Micro have observed ransomware business models are designed and operated.

This blog post discusses some of the possible triggers, detailed in “The Near and Far Future of Ransomware Business Models,” that can push Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) groups to make small changes in their current operations (in the section Trend Micro call “Evolutions”).

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Source: Trend Micro