Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Exploiting JetBrains TeamCity CVE Globally

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and partners assess Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) cyber actors – also known as Advanced Persistent Threat 29 (APT 29), the Dukes, CozyBear, and NOBELIUM/Midnight Blizzard – are exploiting CVE-2023-42793 a at a large scale, targeting servers hosting JetBrains TeamCity software since September 2023.

Software developers use TeamCity software to manage and automate software compilation, building, testing, and releasing. If compromised, access to a TeamCity server would provide malicious actors with access to that software developer’s source code, signing certificates, and the ability to subvert software compilation and deployment processes-access a malicious actor could further use to conduct supply chain operations.

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Source: U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation Cyber Division