Russian-language cybercriminal forum ‘XSS’ bans DarkSide and other ransomware groups

Cybersecurity researchers with Flashpoint, Digital Shadows’ Photon Research Team and other firms have confirmed that XSS, a popular cybercriminal forum, has outright banned ransomware sales, ransomware rental, and ransomware affiliate programs on their platform, according to a announcement released in Russian.

The move comes after global scrutiny of ransomware groups increased following a damaging attack on Colonial Pipeline that left parts of the United States with gas shortages for days.

Flashpoint reported that on Thursday evening, an administrator of XSS said the decision to outlaw the ransomware activities of active groups like REvil, Babuk, Darkside, LockBit, Nefilim, and Netwalker was due to “ideological differences” as well as the increased media attention resulting from latest high profile attacks.

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Source: ZDNet