“Script Kiddies” May Be Behind Hack That Caused a Crisis in the Middle East

The other week, Qatar’s state-owned television station was hacked, with false information being planted there. Now, it is revealed that this may be the work of what the tech world calls “script kiddies.”

The hack of the Qatar News Agency and Qatar’s television station was “extremely easy to carry out,” sources told Motherboard. It seems the security they had set in place was terrible, which allowed the attack to occur with very little effort on the hacker’s part.

The situation this hack created was quite dire. On May 23, the Qatar News Agency quoted the current Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamin Al Thani, as saying that Iran was an Islamic power that could not be ignored. Given the tensions in the region, this comment sparked quite an uprising in nearby countries.

The problem was that the Emir had said nothing of the like and the information had been planted by the hackers. The hackers took things a step further and also hacked the news agency’s Twitter feed, posting false statements attributed to Qatar’s foreign minister.

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Source: Softpedia