Singapore firms see 54 cybersecurity incidents daily, struggle to keep up

The cybersecurity threat landscape is evolving so quickly companies in Singapore are finding it tough to keep up. Half feel “inundated” by an endless stream of cyber attacks, describing this as one of their biggest work frustrations.

Just 25% of cybersecurity professionals in Singapore felt “very confident” in their organisation’s ability to adapt to new threats, compared to an average of 36% across the globe. Another 62% in the Asian market acknowledged they were struggling to keep up with the evolving threat landscape, revealed a survey conducted by Coleman Parkes, which polled 500 cybersecurity decision-makers in Singapore. They were part of a global study commissioned by security vendor Trellix that canvassed responses from 9,000 cybersecurity decision-makers from 15 markets, including India, Indonesia, Australia, Germany, the US, and the UK.

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Source: ZDNet