So Unchill: Melting UNC2198 ICEDID to Ransomware Operations

Mandiant Advanced Practices (AP) closely tracks the shifting tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of financially motivated groups who severely disrupt organizations with ransomware. In May 2020, FireEye released a blog post detailing intrusion tradecraft associated with the deployment of MAZE. As of publishing this post, we track 11 distinct groups that have deployed MAZE ransomware. At the close of 2020, we noticed a shift in a subset of these groups that have started to deploy EGREGOR ransomware in favor of MAZE ransomware following access acquired from ICEDID infections.

Since its discovery in 2017 as a banking trojan, ICEDID evolved into a pernicious point of entry for financially motivated actors to conduct intrusion operations. In earlier years, ICEDID was deployed to primarily target banking credentials. In 2020 we observed adversaries using ICEDID more explicitly as a tool to enable access to impacted networks, and in many cases this was leading to the use of common post-exploitation frameworks and ultimately the deployment of ransomware. This blog post shines a heat lamp on the latest tradecraft of UNC2198, who used ICEDID infections to deploy MAZE or EGREGOR ransomware.

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Source: FireEye