State-Sponsored Actors Focus Attacks on Asia

Southeast Asia is the most actively attacked region, accordingly to Cyber Security firm, Group-IB. Their annual Hi-Tech Crime Trends Report 2018 advises, “In just one year, 21 state-sponsored groups were detected in this area, which is more than in the United States and Europe.” Although, not only state-sponsored groups are focusing their attention on this region and criminal organisations such as Cobalt have been observed.

On Monday 12th October, Group-IB hosted their first CyberCrimeCon within Singapore. At the conference they discussed criminal trends and spoke passionately of combating cybercrime and APT actors such as The Lazarus Group. The security company advises such threats will continue to attack and steal funds, leveraging banking solutions such as SWIFT. It is anticipated The Lazarus Group will experiment with attacks on card processing and will focus on Asia and the Pacific region.

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Source: Bleeping Computer