Steganography in attacks on industrial enterprises (updated)

Kaspersky ICS CERT experts have identified a series of attacks on organizations located in different countries. As of early May 2020, there are known cases of attacks on systems in Japan, Italy, Germany and the UK. Up to 50% of the attackers’ targets are organizations in various industrial sectors. Attack victims include suppliers of equipment and software for industrial enterprises. Attackers use malicious Microsoft Office documents, PowerShell scripts, as well as various techniques that make it difficult to detect and analyze malware.

Phishing emails, used as the initial attack vector, were customized using text in the language of each specific country. The malware used in this attack continued to run only if the operating system had a localization that matched the language used in the phishing email. For example, in the case of an attack on a company operating in Japan, the text of a phishing email and a Microsoft Office document containing a malicious macro were written in Japanese. Also, to successfully decrypt the malware module, the operating system had to have a Japanese localization as well.

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Source: Kaspersky