Strategic investment to secure smart factories

Security is undergoing a digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. As the fusion of the cyber world and the physical world progresses, various security issues are mounting. Manufacturing executives must view security as a management issue, not as a system issue.

Is cyber security a cost or an investment?

Trend Micro has published an ebook that focuses on security issues in the convergence of IT and OT, and strategically invests in cybersecurity to show the path for the manufacturing industry to survive and grow with DX.

This ebook provides a brief explanation of why manufacturing executives have to pay attention to cybersecurity and what the challenges are. Then it shows you how Trend Micro can help converge IT/OT security. This would be a useful document for business people who plan and implement smart factory security from now on. If you would like to see the document, please download from the link below.

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Source: Trend Micro