TeamTNT Actively Enumerating Cloud Environments to Infiltrate Organizations

TeamTNT has been evolving their cloud-focused cryptojacking operations for some time now. TeamTNT operations have targeted and, after compromise, exfiltrated AWS credentials, targeted Kubernetes clusters and created new malware called Black-T that integrates open source cloud native tools to assist in their cryptojacking operations.

TeamTNT operations are now using compromised AWS credentials to enumerate AWS cloud environments, via the AWS platform’s API. These actions attempt to identify all Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets, CloudTrail configurations and CloudFormation operations granted to the compromised AWS credential. TeamTNT operations are now also targeting the credentials of 16 additional applications, including those of AWS and Google Cloud credentials, which may be stored on the compromised cloud instance, if installed.

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Source: Palo Alto