TeamTNT Targets Kubernetes, Nearly 50,000 IPs Compromised in Worm-like Attack

Kubernetes is the most widely adopted container orchestration platform for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Unfortunately, like any widely used application, it makes for an attractive target for threat actors as they are often misconfigured, especially those running primarily in cloud environments with access to nearly infinite resources. This article will discuss how TeamTNT — which we have discussed extensively in previous articles — has been scanning for and compromising Kubernetes clusters in the wild.

We have found and confirmed close to 50,000 IPs compromised by this attack perpetrated by TeamTNT across multiple clusters. Several IPs were repeatedly exploited during the timeframe of the episode, occurring between March and May. Most of the compromised nodes were from China and the US — identified in the ISP (Internet Service Provider) list, which had Chinese and US-based providers as the highest hits, including some CSPs (Cloud Service Providers).

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Source: Trend Micro