The 10th Annual Cyber Senate Control Systems Cybersecurity USA conference is coming to Nashville on the 19th and 20th of September.

This operational technology cyber security event is attended by leading Subject Matter Experts from the asset owner, technology and government sphere. This year’s focus will be on sharing collective experiences that can help organisations design and implement their transition plan to Zero Trust architecture, better manage IT and OT convergence, improve technology selection and how to develop partnerships that foster growth and help manage risk – faster. Attendees will not only gain a clearer picture of OT cyber risk but learn how others in their field have fixed it.

Case studies, roundtables and panel sessions throughout the two-day event will demonstrate how your peers have fortified their defenses; from maturing and adopting better ways to tighten network segmentation and security controls to ensure their strategies are effective, scalable, adaptable, and repeatable in the face of evolving cyber threats. Not only will we be reinforcing winning formulas from the OT security playbook, but we will also help practitioners translate the plays and help them remove the complexity of staying in the game.

Cyber Senate is extremely pleased to announce new OT security speakers, these include:

Brian Hodnet, OT/IT Auditor | Project Management | OT/IT Consulting | OT/IT Maritime Compliance, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. He will be discussing ‘IT/OT Silos,’ exploring the difficulty in gathering layers 0-2 data and the analytics behind it, the costs of ensuring OT availability for SMS and much more.

Carlos Sanchez, Sr Director. Operational Technology, Fortinet. During this session, we will explore governance for OT that includes risk strategy through response planning and how an integrated cybersecurity platform, with the appropriate use of automation, can support OT readiness.

Victor Atkins & Marco Ayala, Global Directors, 1898 & Co., part of Burns & McDonnell will both be discussing how nation-state threat actors can manipulate control systems within the Energy Sector, and how you can push back.

Jacob Margolis, Chief Information Security Officer, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) will be talking through how a hierarchy of needs approach to your cybersecurity strategy can help you.

Larry Grate, Director, OT Cyber, Aleta Technologies Inc., will discuss how IT is a subset of OT. His talk is an attempt to make you think differently about how you approach security in OT, starting with the assumption that there is not a technology used in IT which is not also used in OT.

Michael Holcomb, Fellow, Director – Cybersecurity, Fluor will be showing you how to prioritize action and continually improve your ICS/OT cybersecurity program.

Shane Pilcher, Administrative Director & CIO, Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation will be sharing his three-pillar strategies for cybersecurity.

Craig Duckworth and Dino Busalachi, CEO, CTO & Founders, Velta Technology will be sharing their best practices to continuously improve and harden your industrial OT monitoring environment and what technical considerations need to be in place.

Yves Younan, Senior Manager Talos Security Intelligence & Research Group, CISCO. Yves will be discussing mitigations for memory corruption vulnerabilities – a vulnerability that allows an attacker to write to areas of memory that they’re not supposed to.

Finally, Chris Blask, Vice President of Strategy at Cybeats and Cybersenate’s Chairman and Moderator, Jamison Nesbitt will be joining the conference.

For more information, please contact us [email protected] or register your attendance here. Use code Cyber20% to receive 20% off.