The internet of things security maturity model: a nudge for IoT cybersecurity

Developing cyberthreat protection strategies is a challenging task, especially for industrial systems and the internet of things. Numerous parties are involved in the processes of designing, developing, integrating, using and maintaining such systems.

The different parties involved will assess the risks associated with attacks differently. Some businesses may view security as a drawback (because of longer market entry times due to various security requirements), while others may view it as an advantage (a secure product will have a competitive edge from a marketing standpoint).

Ideally, the choice of security tools and measures should resolve the very complex task of optimizing corporate resources and serving the interests of the business within the framework of internal and external limitations.

The purpose of the IoT Security Maturity Model (IoT SMM) is to help choose protection measures against cyberthreats that correspond to the company’s actual business needs.

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Source: Kaspersky Lab