The State Of Ransomware, 2020’s Catch-22

A ransomware infection can put organizations in difficult situations. The damage that WannaCry and Petya have caused has made people more wary, leading to stricter and more consistent security measures against a constant threat. Developments in ransomware over the past year have made dealing with ransomware not only difficult but also a delicate matter. Aside from the continuing trend of big-game or targeted attacks, ransomware operators have also come to rely on the cost of data breaches and double extortion to corner their victims into complying with their demands.

It’s essential to understand how the current versions of ransomware came about so that organizations can learn to steer clear of such traps. Using case studies and examples, we examine the ransomware variants that populated 2020 in hopes of creating a guide for dealing with future attacks.

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Source: Trend Micro