The United Kingdom Is Prepared for NATO-Russia Cyber Conflict

The unfolding Ukraine crisis has focused attention on the role of cyber operations in defensive and offensive military-intelligence strategy. Russia’s cyber aggression against Ukrainian government and civilian targets was expected and is consistent with its long-standing information war strategy and conduct across its “near abroad.” What is less certain is how Western powers should respond with their own cyber capabilities, including the role of middle powers in crisis management and joint military endeavours.

President Joe Biden is alleged to have been presented with options for “massive cyber attacks” to disrupt and degrade Russian military capacity, a claim denied by the White House. The United States entering the fray in this fashion would doubtless be seen as escalatory, even as their intended efficacy is far from certain. Where the United States goes, even at a lower level of intensity and effect, its cyber-capable allies will likely follow, through a combination of political choice and, in the case of NATO, institutional design. What does this mean for a country like the UK?

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Source: National Interest