Tor blocked in Russia

The Tor browser, which allows users to surf the internet anonymously and access prohibited webpages, has been blocked across much of Russia, according to recent reports from an internet-monitoring group.

The Open Observatory of Network Interference, or OONI, reported last week that Tor’s system of proxy servers in Russia had partly stopped working at around 5:21pm Moscow time on December 2.

While Russian authorities had not yet commented officially on the block, on Monday, politician Anton Gorelkin addressed the matter on Telegram, writing, “I have never been a supporter of blocks, but in Tor’s case I simply don’t see an alternative.” Tor was used primarily for illegal activity, he claimed, and he concluded, “Tor, for me (and, I think, for all well-thinking people), is an absolute evil, which we must fight as firmly and with as little compromise as possible.”

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Source: RT News