Transparent Tribe: Evolution analysis, part 2

Transparent Tribe, also known as PROJECTM or MYTHIC LEOPARD, is a highly prolific group whose activities can be traced as far back as 2013. In the last four years, this APT group has never taken time off. They continue to hit their targets, which typically are Indian military and government personnel.

This is the second of two articles written to share the results of our recent investigations into Transparent Tribe. In the previous article, we described the various Crimson RAT components and provided an overview of impacted users. Here are some of the key insights that will be described in this part:

We found a new Android implant used by Transparent Tribe for spying on mobile devices. It was distributed in India disguised as a porn-related app and a fake national COVID-19 tracking app.

New evidence confirms a link between ObliqueRAT and Transparent Tribe.

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Source: Kaspersky

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