Uncovering and Defending Systems Against Attacks With Layers of Remote Control

As organizations brace themselves for the year ahead, now is an opportune time to take stock of how they can strengthen their security posture and shore up their defenses. While organizations may have the power of leading-edge cybersecurity solutions on their side, malicious actors continue to work diligently to refine their methods and take advantage of vulnerabilities every chance they get. A proactive mindset, therefore, is key.

The team behind the Trend Micro™ Managed XDR (MDR) solution recently addressed an incident encountered by one of Trend Micro’s customers. It showed how a malicious actor launched a stealthy multilayered attack that first exploited an endpoint vulnerability as a path for lateral movement. From installing a web shell in the compromised cloud server via a ProxyShell exploit, the persistent attack progressed to the use of legitimate remote access tools including Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) as its final means of intrusion.

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Source: Trend Micro