Unleash AI Technologies In Oil And Gas With AUTOMA 2023

The topic of artificial intelligence in the oil and gas industry is one of the highlights of the Oil and Gas Automation and Digitalization Congress, held on November, 27-28, 2023. The Congress gathers the leading industry representatives to share innovative ways of industry transformation through digital tools and AI systems.

The whole value chain of the oil and gas industry has been facing great changes since the switching to artificial intelligence. More companies implement the high-tech tools in exploration, development, production, transportation, and refining. For instance, MOL group is creating a single data platform called Data Lake which can integrate business-critical company information across borders in near real time. This innovation provides their employees with the access to up-to-date statements and well-structured information about current business performance with just a few clicks, or even on their mobile phone.

AI allows companies to discover new exploration prospects and enable better usage of existing infrastructures. At the AUTOMA 2023 delegates are going to explore further the ways of industry development through AI systems: predictive maintenance to manage unplanned operation shutdowns, first principle simulation techniques to provide sustainable production, data science to impact the efficient performance of a company. At the session “artificial intelligence in oil and gas” Valentin Anishchik, account manager at NIS, is going to present the topic of predictive maintenance and data science tools for upstream in NIS.

Among speakers and delegates willing to impart their intelligent solutions for the industry transformation are delegates from MOL Group, Tecnimont, NIS, Repsol, MoldovaGaz, SOCAR Midstream Operations Ltd., Seadrill, Worley, Kinetics Technology, Milazzo Refinery, and others.

The format of the Congress provides an opportunity to network with key players of the industry for further mutually beneficial cooperation. Gianluca Mazza, CEO of NotifyMe (part of Horizon Group), shared his experience of participating at the AUTOMA 2022: “The Congress gives an excellent overview on digitalization in the oil and gas industry, and, most importantly, decision-makers can meet in person building a long-term basis for trust”.

Learn more about AI in oil and gas with the AUTOMA 2023.

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