Updates on ThiefQuest, the Quickly-Evolving macOS Malware

Right as July of this year began, we noticed an emerging malware dubbed by most as ThiefQuest (also known as EvilQuest), a threat that targets macOS devices, encrypts files, and installs keyloggers in affected systems. It has been found in pirated versions of macOS shared on popular torrent sites. Developments on the malware have been reported by MalwareBytes, BleepingComputer and security researchers Dinesh Devadoss, Phil Stokes, Patrick Wardle, and Thomas Reed.

The aforementioned reports state the assumption that the malware’s ransomware activity is not its main attack method; rather, it is a pre-emptive move to disguise its other capabilities such as file exfiltration, Command and Control (C&C) communication, and keylogging. This assumption is also supported by our recent discoveries.

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Source: Trend Micro