‘USBAnywhere’ Bugs Open Supermicro Servers to Remote Attackers

Trivial-to-exploit authentication flaws can give an unsophisticated remote attacker ‘omnipotent’ control over a server and its contents.

Authentication vulnerabilities in the baseboard management controllers (BMCs) of Supermicro X9-X11 servers have been discovered that allow a remote attacker to easily connect to a server and mount any virtual USB device of their choosing.

The bugs, collectively dubbed USBAnywhere, allow an attacker to obtain credentials for the BMCs. Once obtained, an attacker can then perform a range of USB-based attacks against the server remotely, including data exfiltration, booting from untrusted OS images or direct manipulation of the system via a virtual keyboard and mouse, according to researchers at Eclypsium.

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Source: ThreatPost