VPNFilter Two Years Later: Routers Still Compromised

With the internet of things (IoT) gaining more popularity, common IoT devices such as routers, printers, cameras, and network-attached storage (NAS) devices, are becoming more frequent targets for cybercriminals. Unlike typical operating systems such as Windows and macOS, users are less likely to patch IoT devices.

This is because users find the task more difficult and inconvenient since, in comparison, the operating systems of these devices have no auto-update feature and some manufacturers rarely even issue security updates at all. These are the kinds of systems that users log on to once in order to set them up and then never to do so again, unless they encounter a big problem. It also is not rare to find an outdated router — one that has been running for as long as the system has.

As a result, many systems are left wide open to known vulnerabilities, which can lead to successful attacks even years after the first infection. While looking at these types of infections by known malware families, we found that one of the biggest reported malware families was from 2018’s VPNFilter.

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Source: Trend Micro