WannaRen Returns as Life Ransomware, Targets India

Although not as well-known as ransomware families such as Ryuk, REvil, or Maze, WannaRen ransomware made a name for itself back in 2020 after it launched attacks against Chinese internet users, infecting tens of thousands of victims. However, it has become relatively quiet since that attack, with the ransomware’s authors even sharing its private encryption key to a security company in August 2020.

In October 2022, Trend Micro researchers discovered what they initially thought to be a new ransomware, only to analyze it and discover that this may be a resurgence of the dormant WannaRen. This blog entry looks at the characteristics of this new variant, which Trend Micro named Life ransomware after its encryption extension. Unlike the 2020 WannaRen ransomware attacks that previously targeted China and Taiwan, the attacks from the new variant targeted organizations in India.

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Source: Trend Micro