Want to join ENISA’s Advisory Group? Call for Experts in now Open!

With the current Advisory Group closing its membership term at the end of the year, ENISA invites nationals of the Member States of the European Union as well as nationals from European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries to apply for the next membership mandate.

The call will remain open until 30th September 2022. Selected candidates will be appointed as experts “ad personam”. This means that they will not represent a country, nor a company. The selection will only be based on their own specific expertise and personal merits.

What is the role of the Advisory Group?
The Advisory Group is meant to advise ENISA in relation to the performance of ENISA’s tasks. The group shall specifically ensure communication with the relevant stakeholders on issues related to ENISA’s annual work programme. The group is also expected to advise the Executive Director on the drawing up of a proposal for this annual work programme of the Agency.

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Source: ENISA