What Can Schools Do Against the Onslaught of Ransomware?

Cyber attacks have become a pressing issue for K-12 schools, but school districts aren’t waging the fight alone. A variety of free federal and state resources can offer guidance and assistance, while cyber best practices and automated and managed services can help schools get the most impact from their limited budgets, said speakers during a recent FedInsider panel.

The number of cyber attacks on schools has grown at a “steady uptick” since September 2022, with incidents becoming both more frequent and more severe, said Doug Levin, national director of the K-12 Security Information Exchange (K12 SIX). His organization is a nonprofit and information sharing and analysis center (ISAC) that focuses on K-12 cybersecurity.

And while 2021 saw 166 reported cyber incidents impacting 62 school districts across 38 states, plenty more attacks went undisclosed.

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Source: Government Technology