By StormWall

DDoS attacks have become the most common and affordable cyber weapon (the cost of launching an efficient DDoS attack may start from $50 per day). Thus, a DDoS attack is a simple way to cause damage that can have long-term consequences. During an attack, the targeted websites or services become unavailable. As a result, the business loses customers and reputation. Government institutions, media websites, online stores, commercial and non-profit organizations, and even ISPs are all potential targets of the same threat. Average losses from DDoS attacks are estimated worldwide at 50 thousand dollars for small organizations and almost 500 thousand dollars for large enterprises.

Most companies tend to underestimate DDoS attacks and the threats they pose. Every year the attacks become more dangerous and sophisticated; their power is continuously growing. Fighting DDoS attacks is an extremely challenging task. Some companies try to organize the protection of their resources internally, while others use professional Anti-DDoS solutions and find themselves in a more advantageous situation.


  1. It allows a company to plan its operations with guaranteed availability expectations
  2. Professional protection helps not only to fulfill the main task – to protect services from attacks – but also to reduce costs of protection. You do not need to buy expensive equipment, train specialists and overpay for something that may not work in the end. DDoS protection experts will help develop an optimal plan that takes into account all the risks and makes it clear for the client what the client pays for.
  3. Professional security service is always up-to-date, and the client does not need to worry about whether the existing solution can repel new types of attacks.

There are many professional solutions in the market which are successfully used by many companies. StormWall has enormous experience in protecting online resources from DDoS attacks and offers a wide variety of professional solutions. We studied some of the company’s services.


1. Network protection service using BGP

A DDoS attack directed at only one IP address can make a significant part of the network inaccessible for users. StormWall protection service ensures stable operation of the network and infrastructure during DDoS attacks of any complexity. The service contains a DDoS sensor that provides an automated protection process at the time of the attack. The solution is aimed at Internet Service Providers, data centers, hosting companies as well as corporate clients with their own autonomous systems.

2. Website protection

The service ensures the stability of all online resources of the company. “Website protection” filters all external traffic using proxy technology, ensuring round-the-clock availability of the website. Thanks to the caching of static content, the website will work not only more reliably but also faster – the response time for incoming requests from users will be significantly reduced. The solution is equally effective for both small companies and large corporations.

3. TCP/UDP services protection

The StormWall solution for protecting TCP/UDP services from DDoS attacks provides filtering of any malicious traffic types, so your customers’ interaction with your Internet applications will be stable, reliable, and always accessible. The service is suitable for both: end customers (game servers, business applications, VoIP, etc.) and telecom operators (ISPs, hosts, data centers).

When there is such a variety of professional Anti- DDoS solutions, any company can choose an effective Anti-DDoS service to reliably protect its resources. ■


StormWall is an international cybersecurity company specializing in protection of IT infrastructures from DDoS and hacker attacks. As a Cybersecurity-as-a-Service provider it offers protection of any size and complexity. The company is an official DE-CIX partner, a RIPE NCC member, and a Local Internet Registrar (LIR). StormWall™ is certified by Anti-Malware analytics center as a proven leader of the DDoS attack protection market. For more information, plese visit https://stormwall.network


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Publication date: September 2020