WinDealer dealing on the side

LuoYu is a lesser-known threat actor that has been active since 2008. It primarily goes after targets located in China, such as foreign diplomatic organizations established in the country, members of the academic community, or companies from the defense, logistics and telecommunications sectors. In their initial disclosures on this threat actor, TeamT5 identified three malware families: SpyDealer, Demsty and WinDealer. The actor behind these families is capable of targeting Windows, Linux and macOS machines, as well as Android devices.

In previous years, Kaspersky investigated LuoYu’s activities and was able to confirm the connection between Demsty and WinDealer. On January 27, we delivered a joint presentation with TeamT5 and ITOCHU Corporation at Japan Security Analyst Conference (JSAC) to provide an update on the actor’s latest activities. In this article, we will focus on one of the most groundbreaking developments: the fact that LuoYu has the ability to perform man-on-the-side attacks.

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Source: Kaspersky