WordPress-powered sites backdoored after FishPig suffers supply chain attack

It’s only been a week or so, and obviously there are at least three critical holes in WordPress plugins and tools that are being exploited in the wild right now to compromise loads of websites.

We’ll start with FishPig, a UK-based maker of software that integrates Adobe’s Magento ecommerce suite into WordPress-powered websites. FishPig’s distribution systems were compromised and its products altered so that installations of the code semi-automatically downloaded and ran the Rekoobe Linux trojan.

Infosec outfit Sansec raised the alarm this week that FishPig’s software was acting weird: when a deployment’s control panel was visited by a logged-in Magento staff user, the code would automatically fetch and run from FishPig’s back-end systems a Linux binary that turned out to be Rekoobe. This would open a backdoor allowing miscreants to remotely control the box.

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Source: The Register