Atlassian Confluence Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2022-26134)

On June 2, Volexity reported that over Memorial Day weekend, they identified suspicious activity on two internet-facing servers running Atlassian’s Confluence Server application. After analysis of the compromise, Volexity determined the initial foothold was the result of a remote code execution vulnerability in Confluence Server and Data Center. The details were reported to Atlassian on May 31, and Atlassian has since assigned the issue to CVE-2022-26134.

Based on the security advisory issued by Atlassian, it appears that the exploit is indeed an unauthenticated, remote code execution vulnerability. If the vulnerability is exploited, threat actors could bypass authentication and run arbitrary code on unpatched systems. At the time of publication, the Palo Alto Networks attack surface management solution Cortex Xpanse identified 19,707 instances of Confluence Servers that are potentially affected by this CVE.

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Source:  Palo Alto/Unit 42