Understanding REvil: REvil Threat Actors May Have Returned (Updated)

REvil has emerged as one of the world’s most notorious ransomware operators. In summer 2021, it extracted an $11 million payment from the U.S. subsidiary of the world’s largest meatpacking company based in Brazil, demanded $5 million from a Brazilian medical diagnostics company and launched a large-scale attack on dozens, perhaps hundreds, of companies that use IT management software from Kaseya VSA.

While REvil (which is also known as Sodinokibi) may seem like a new player in the world of cybercrime, Unit 42 has been monitoring the threat actors tied to this group for three years. We first encountered them in 2018 when they were working with a group known as GandCrab. At the time, they were mostly focused on distributing ransomware through malvertising and exploit kits, which are malicious advertisements and malware tools that hackers use to infect victims through drive-by downloads when they visit a malicious website.

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Source: Palo Alto/Unit 42