Banking Trojan Techniques: How Financially Motivated Malware Became Infrastructure

While advanced persistent threats get the most breathless coverage in the news, many threat actors have money on their mind rather than espionage. You can learn a lot about the innovations used by these financially motivated groups by watching banking Trojans.

Because attackers constantly create new techniques to evade detection and perform malicious acts, studying monetarily motivated malware can help defenders understand threat actor tactics and protect organizations more effectively. Some of the banking Trojans described here are historically known for being financial malware, but now they’re primarily used as infrastructure to deliver other malware. Which is to say, by preventing techniques used by banking Trojans, you can also stop other types of threats.

Palo Alto researchers’ll survey techniques used by notorious banking Trojan families to evade detection, steal sensitive data and manipulate data. They’ll also describe how those techniques can be blocked. These families include Zeus, Kronos, Trickbot, IcedID, Emotet and Dridex.

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Source: Palo Alto Unit 42