CISA Releases Guidance on Phishing-Resistant and Numbers Matching Multifactor Authentication

CISA has released two fact sheets to highlight threats against accounts and systems using certain forms of multifactor authentication (MFA). CISA strongly urges all organizations to implement phishing-resistant MFA to protect against phishing and other known cyber threats. If an organization using mobile push-notification-based MFA is unable to implement phishing-resistant MFA, CISA recommends using number matching to mitigate MFA fatigue. Although number matching is not as strong as phishing-resistant MFA, it is one of best interim mitigation for organizations who may not immediately be able to implement phishing-resistant MFA.

CISA recommends users and organizations see CISA fact sheets Implementing Phishing-Resistant MFA and Implementing Number Matching in MFA Applications. Visit for more information on MFA, including an infographic of the hierarchy of MFA options.

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Source: U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency