Battling COVID; a cyber Airman’s story

Tech. Sgt. Brandon Ibanez, a cyber intelligence analyst with the 854th Combat Operations Squadron here, doesn’t wear a helmet to work, nor does he wear a sword or shield.

As a Gladiator in the 960th Cyberspace Wing, it’s not a requirement to don the traditional uniform of ancient Roman fighters, and it would be impractical because the enemy in cyberspace doesn’t attack using guns or spears.

Instead, the threat lies in their use of malware, phishing and denial of service cyber-related attacks.

To fend off these threats, Ibanez’s role in his unit requires him to analyze intelligence and triangulate technical, geographical and operational information to provide situational awareness for leadership. This information enables his leaders to determine the best course of action in any given scenario.

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Source: U.S. Air Force Reserve Command