Developer of Mirai, Qbot-based DDoS botnets jailed for 13 months

A 22-year-old Washington man was sentenced to 13 months in prison for renting and developing Mirai and Qbot-based DDoS botnets used in DDoS attacks against targets from all over the world.

Schuchman, also known as Nexus Zeta, pleaded guilty to the charges of being involved in the creation and operation of the Satori [1, 2], Okiru, Masuta, and Tsunami/Fbot botnets and was released to the United States Probation and Pretrial Services on September 3, 2019.

“Cybercriminals depend on anonymity, but remain visible in the eyes of justice,” U.S. Attorney Schroder said in a DoJ release.

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Source: Bleeping Computer