DOJ Nab Three FIN7 Cybercrime Suspects in Europe

Three people believed to be member of the FIN7 (or Carbanak) hacking group have been arrested in Europe, according to the US DOJ.

Three suspected members of the FIN7 cybercrime group have been arrested in Europe and accused of hacking more than 120 U.S.-based companies with the intent of stealing bank cards.

In total, U.S. Department of Justice authorities said the FIN7 group — associated with the Carbanak crime gang — is responsible for the loss of tens of millions of dollars.

The three suspects are Fedir Hladyr, Dmytro Fedorov and Andrii Kolpakov, all arrested in the first half of the year. According to a court filing released Wednesday, Hladyr is in U.S. custody in Seattle, and the two remaining suspects are facing an extradition request by the D.O.J: Kolpakov remains in Spain and Federov is in Poland.

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Source: ThreatPost