Hackers reveal how to trick a Tesla into steering towards oncoming traffic

A team of hackers has managed to trick the Tesla Autopilot feature into dive-bombing into the wrong lane remotely through root control and a few stickers.

Researchers from Tencent Keen Security Lab published a report this week (.PDF) on their findings, which shows how the Tesla Autopilot system engine control unit (ECU) can be abused through root security weaknesses in software version 18.6.1 to gain remote control of a Tesla Model S steering wheel.

The team was able to dynamically inject malicious code into controlling mechanisms to remotely take control of the steering wheel from a mobile device. This device was connected to a gamepad via Bluetooth for approximate steering.

While in APC (Automatic Parking Control) mode, the researchers were able to seize control of steering at roughly 8 KM/H. When driving at high speeds, there were no limitations.

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Source: ZDNet